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Orders and documents should be received from customers in accordance with the Visa World guide-
lines and instructions that are listed in the sections entitled 'How to Order' and 'Points to Remember'
that can be found on the ‘Service Charge Price List’ page of this website and also below these terms.
Orders from account customers will receive attention with the best efforts of Visa World relative to
the service ordered.
Orders accompanying payment will receive attention with the best efforts of Visa World relative to
the service paid for.
Orders other than above will receive attention at the discretion of Visa World.
An order that is cancelled before lodgement has taken place will still be subject to the relevant basic
service charge plus any applicable cancellation charge and/or the non-refund of the deposit held.
An order will generate a Job No. that must be quoted on every communication and when sending
documents to us in order to avoid delay and extra costs if it is not identified with the original order.


2.  (a)


Visa World service charges are for dealing with or handling orders and/or for attending the
appropriate authorities to lodge applications and/or collect processed documents and are payable by
the customer whether applications are successful or not.  Any non-refundable embassy, consular or
other fees disbursed by Visa World are also payable by the customer and are charged at cost.
Visa World service charges allow for up to two visits to a consular or other authority per application.
Certain applications require further visits beyond the culpability of Visa World.  Such extra visits will
each be charged at 50% of the ‘1st traveller’ rate for the first application and at 12.5% of the ‘1st
traveller' rate for each subsequent application made on the same visit.  Waiting time, if applicable, is
charged at 100%.  Extra visits requested by the customer will each be charged at 100%.
A cancellation charge will apply when an order that is cancelled or aborted has incurred excessive
preparatory work that is extraordinary to that normally required and exceeds the costs budgeted for.
3.  (a)




All payments received with or during progress of an order are accepted as a deposit until the
completion and invoicing of the order. When payment will be by electronic transfer
Should an order be cancelled before lodgement has taken place, the service charge element of the
deposit will be non-refundable.  A cancellation charge may also be applicable.  Any remaining non-
disbursed embassy fee, supplement or disbursal element of the deposit will be refundable.
Debit card payments are accepted as a deposit with order or in settlement of the
amount due on completion subject to a credit facility account charge of 5%.
Orders not accompanied by full payment and orders from account customers will be subject to a
credit facility account charge of 5% which will be added to amounts on the invoice that are not
covered by payment or deposit.
4.  Settlement terms:   Payment with order or
     Payment on invoice within 15 days of invoice date.
                                Strictly net.
                                Statements are not issued.

5.  Interest will be charged from date of invoice, at 2.5% per month, on all amounts outstanding over 15 days.
6.  Visa World is not obliged to process orders from a customer that has a previous invoiced amount that is
 unpaid and remains outstanding for over 15 days.
7.  Any information supplied, advice given or service performed by Visa World, whether gratuitously or not,
 should not be regarded as authoritative and is based only on the knowledge and experience of Visa
 World and their understanding of the various consular, passport and visa regulations and requirements
 in accordance with the latest information at their disposal.  Regulations, requirements, fees and
 processing times can change without notice and/or without notification to Visa World.
8.  Whilst Visa World best efforts are used to expedite applications, no guarantee on time can be warranted.
 Travel arrangements should not be confirmed until all of the required documentation has been obtained.
 Customers should therefore only commit to travel or accommodation expenses subject to a passport
 being issued and/or the appropriate visa or travel authority being obtained.
9.  (a)



Consular, passport and visa regulations, requirements, fees and processing times can vary
depending on the nationality, residency status, vocation or personal details of the applicant; the
reason for the visit or intended length of stay; the accommodation arranged; the means of travel,
travel route or onward destination; the number of entries requested, required or granted; and
sometimes on 'fine line' interpretation.  Consular and other authorities may add or vary requirements
on any individual application at their discretion.

Visa World will use their best efforts to advise customers in order to submit applications in
accordance with their understanding of the relevant consular requirements and cannot be held liable
or responsible, under any circumstances, for such information supplied, advice given or service
performed in good faith.  The embassy, consular and passport fees disbursed may differ from the
amounts expected and are charged at cost.
Visa World does not control and therefore cannot guarantee the time required or taken by consular
or other authorities to consider and process applications.

10.  No liability can attach to Visa World for any decision, act, default, error, omission, misinterpretation, loss,
 damage, miss-delivery or delay on the part of any government, embassy or consular authority, chamber
 of commerce, notary public, solicitor or translation service etc.

 The provision of a complete and correct application together with the required supporting documents,  evidence, authority or information is the sole responsibility of the customer.  Visa World reserve the right
 to withhold lodgement of an application, pending consultation with the customer, if in the opinion of Visa
 World the application or accompanying documents do not meet the requirements of the relevant
 authority to support the type of application intending to be made.  No liability can attach to Visa World for
 any delay so caused.


12.  Visa World do not warrant any specific time for performance and shall have no liability in respect thereof.

 Visa World will use their best efforts to expedite and execute orders to the requirements of the customer
 and may engage agents or subcontractors in the performance of these efforts.  Visa World agents and  subcontractors engaged on their behalf to perform all or any part of their duties cannot be held liable for
 any failure in performance out of their control and the liability to customers of these subcontractors and
 agents shall  not exceed that of Visa World.

14.  Whilst in the care of Visa World the administration, handling, storage, route and transportation means of
 documents shall be at the absolute discretion of Visa World.

 Visa World cannot accept any responsibility, actual, financial or consequential, for any loss, damage,
 miss-delivery or delay of documents whilst they are out of their ‘on hands’ control, e.g. whilst they are in
 the care of an embassy, consulate or government department, chamber of commerce, notary public,
 solicitor, translation service etc., or when entrusted to the post or other mailing, dispatch or courier
 service, bike or cab.  Once documents are entrusted to an outside third party, consular or carrier, the
 duties of Visa World have passed their relative stage of completion and Visa World have consigned the
 documents for and on behalf of the customer.  The customer must therefore initiate any claim directly to
 the third party and the involvement of Visa World is limited only to offering all possible assistance.


16.  All orders are accepted on the basis that the responsibility of Visa World is limited to the value of their
 service charge and/or the replacement cost of any documents for any loss, damage, miss-delivery or
 delay no matter how occasioned and Visa World shall only be liable if such loss, damage, miss-delivery
 or delay is due to the negligence or default of Visa World.  Visa World accepts no responsibility for
 economic, financial or consequential loss.


 Completed orders and documents will be returned in accordance with the latest verbal or written
 instructions received from the customer.  In the absence of specific instructions, Visa World will dispatch
 documents as they feel appropriate in consideration of their urgency or importance or in accordance with
 their standard procedure for the time being in practice, at their discretion.  All dispatch charges will be
 charged to the customer and unless already paid will be subject to invoicing and settlement as per these
 terms and conditions.


 On receipt of completed orders, customers are required to check carefully and satisfy themselves that
 the documents meet their intended purpose.  Before dispatch of documents Visa World undertake a
 cursory check but the speed of operation and variance of data specified prohibit intensive examination of
 all quoted details.

19.  Visa World is not a common carrier and is serving in the capacity of agent on behalf of their customers in
 all situations.
20.  All transactions between Visa World and their customers are subject to these Terms and Conditions,
 which shall be governed by English law and be within and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English

V1 (10-200114)
Copyright © Visa World 1991/1997/2001/2011/2014
updated 25th March 2018


SIX ways to order
at your convenience
according to your preference

            ~by Post   ~ by Courier   ~ by Fax   ~ by Visit   ~ by Phone   ~ or Online            

we are open all day during normal office hours
Monday to Friday ~ 9.00am to 5.30pm

Public & Bank Holidays ~ Closed
Xmas & New Year ~ Limited opening
out of hours ~ always available by arrangement

            You may order ~

            1.  ~ by POST, by BIKE or by COURIER DELIVERY
                                                              Visa World
                                                              526-528 Watford Way
                                                              Mill Hill
                                                              NW7 4RS

                         If you are posting important passport documents to us we
                         recommend that you use the Royal Mail Special Delivery
                         service which is available from any Post Office.  Keep the
                         Post Office receipt until you confirm we have safe delivery.
                         Please also use our order form.  It helps us to do a good job.
                         To help us further, please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            2.  ~ by FAX to  020 8959 2888
                         Please use our order form.  It helps us to do a good job.
To help us further, please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            3.  ~ by PERSONAL VISIT

                         Visa World
                         526-528 Watford Way
                         Mill Hill
                         NW7 4RS

              .          Please pre-complete our order form and bring it along with you.
              .          Our
order form is a check-list component that aids our efficiency.
              .          It will help us to give you better assistance and a speedier service. 
Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            4.  ~ by TELEPHONE on 
020 8959 6161
              .          Please do have available all the information that we require on
              .          our
order form, together with your card payment details before
              .          you phone.  Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below to see that
              .          if we cannot process your application, no charge will be made.

            5.  ~ or ONLINE  by using our
Online Order Form.
              .          If you order online, you will see why our process is recognised as
              .          being the easiest and most straightforward of all online procedures. 
                         <> We have the least ***required fields*** of any of our competitors
<> and even these are not finalised in our systems until all of the
<> documentation is complete and satisfies the minimum consular
<> documentation
              .          This allows you the
greatest flexibility for any changes that may occur
              .          if you arrange business travel you will appreciate this facility especially.
              .          There is also a discount available if there is more than one traveller. 
              .          Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            6.  Once an order is received, a Job No. is generated for reference and
                    tracking purposes.  It is most important that this Job No. is quoted
                    on every communication and especially when you are SENDING
                    DOCUMENTS to us.  For fast-track attention it is best to also
the Job No. at the bottom left corner of the envelope.

                    Failure to quote the Job No. WILL CAUSE DELAY and may also
                    result in double job processing caused by the creation of a duplicate 
                    file with a different Job No. (very dangerous) and charging twice in
                    error, which will in turn incur extra costs.

                    Also, when you make a telephone enquiry, we will be able to update

                    you quicker if the Job No. can be mentioned if we need to ask for it.

            7.  Please enclose a self-addressed envelope.
                    This eliminates any misreading of individual addresses and any
                    confusion as to whether the completed documents are to be returned
                    direct to the traveller or to the travel agent or to the company address.
The envelope does not have to be stamped or postage paid and it
                    needs to be only large enough for the return of your passport/s.
                    The Post Office and Royal Mail prefer a size C5 envelope.

            8.  Please retain and do not send passport wallets.
                    Embassies do not like them and there is a risk of loss.

            9.  Orders that are sent to us direct from your client, contractor, employee
                    or the traveller should be clearly noted that they are to be charged to
                    your account facility so as to avoid any delay that involves payment.

          10.  Make all payments to "Visa World" and not to an embassy.
                    They will not accept your cheque.

          11.  If you are not using our order form, please enclose a separate note
                    with your contact name, address and telephone number, which
                    method of return dispatch you require (e.g.  by Royal Mail Special
                    Delivery Next Day) and of course, the dispatch address.  If you are
                    a travel agent, please ensure that your branch is clearly marked.

          12.  If you will require in-depth information or advice when telephoning, we
do hope you will understand that we can only provide this after receipt
                    of a deposit to confirm that it is your intention to place an order with us.
                    If we cannot process your application, your deposit will be returned in
                    full and no charge will be made.



            1.  Travel arrangements should not be confirmed until the required
                    passport, visa or travel authority is obtained.

                    > If visa requirements call for sight of tickets, an itinerary, evidence
                          of confirmed travel plans or confirmation of a hotel booking, you
                          are advised to only commit to travel or accommodation expenses
                          subject to a visa being obtained.

                          > If you need Travel Insurance, do compare ours for cover and value.
  Most 'business visa' applications require a company letter, at least.

            3.  Embassy fees can vary and may differ from the amount expected.
                    They may be higher or lower and are always charged at cost.
                    Some are unpredictable as they are governed by exchange rates.

                    > Additionally, some embassies will, on occasion, only accept payment
                          in postal orders when additional costs for poundage are then incurred.

            4.  Visa requirements vary depending on the reason for the visit,
                    the intended length of stay, the number of entries requested,
                    required or granted and the nationality of the applicant.
                    > For some countries requirements can vary further dependent on:~  
                          the accommodation arranged;  the travel route;  whether arriving by air,

                          sea or land;  on scheduled, chartered, hired, private or own transport;
                          which airport, sea-port, harbour, marina or land border is the intended 
                          arrival point;  the itinerary;  the onward destination;  and whether

                          travelling as crew;  or other than as a fare-paying passenger.
                          Information and evidence may also be required concerning the
                          country of birth, family origins, ethnicity, religion, employment, home
                          address, residency status, vocation, medical and other records of
                          the applicant and any family, companions, employees, carers, nurses,
                          security staff or other persons travelling with or accompanying them.

            5.  An embassy can vary their requirements for any individual application
                    at their discretion.

            6.  The availability, requirements and time in embassy for a visa application
                    in respect of a foreign national will depend on the entry status of
                    the applicant into the U.K.

            7.  Each embassy has its own criteria for information so do please ensure
                    that all of the questions are answered, the required documents
                    are enclosed and that both the form and the passport are signed.

            8.  Most countries require a passport valid for
not less than six months
                    beyond the intended stay.

            9.  Embassies that are able to, will usually oblige us by issuing a restricted
                    visa to accommodate a passport with short validity but many are
                    now not able to issue any visa unless the passport is valid for their
                    regulation minimum time.

          10.  Many embassies are unable to issue a visa unless there are two facing
                    blank pages available in the passport.

          11.  We are
well placed to provide solutions for unexpected emergencies.
If the need occurs we can also advise on the criteria and requirements
                          necessary to apply for a second passport and even a third or a fourth
                          passport etc. up to the maximum eight allowable.
                          Many of our clients have more than one passport.
                          > We can process routine or urgent passport applications, renewals,
                                name change on marriage, other name change, a photo change,
                                extension or other amendment as well as a child's first passport,
                                amendment, extension or renewal etc.

          12.  We have 24 hour telephone, fax and mobile contact numbers available
                    direct to our 24hr duty manager should they ever be needed in an
                    emergency or for any reason in connection with a job in progress.



Visa World use their best efforts to provide correct information but as accuracy and completeness of consular
regulations cannot be guaranteed the information that is supplied should not be regarded as authoritative.

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