• Coronavirus Travel Restrictions,

    Visa World is currently closed due to the covid19 Lock down.

    Since the outbreak of coronavirus tourism and business travel has become more and more restricted as countries closed their borders. Apart from diplomatic, humanitarian and emergency purposes very few countries are processing visas to travel, those that are have “very” tight restrictions.

    It may be many months before borders are opened for travel and when they do open many countries will put new restrictions in place to help combat the spread of covid19 in their own country. Currently even essential emergency travel has very strict guidelines to obtain a visa for admission.

    There is a lot of misinformation and “fake news” in the media. Currently we are still in lock down and apart from the visa classifications I mentioned above borders are still closed and no changes are expected for several weeks.

    We are currently keeping abreast of any changes or new regulations as they apply to both Tourism and Business travel. When information is updated we will write to our customers with the details of changes to travel or visa requirements.

    We look forward to processing your Tourist or Business Visa after the Lockdown has lifted, The process will be different yes but you can rely on Visa World to offer the same first class visa service it has been offering travellers since 1991

    If you want UP TO DATE Visa information as it happens join our mailing list, tell us which country you need a visa and we will email you when the regulations change.

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